October 21, 2011

Solution to both morning fatigue and breakfast reluctance: Put on Curren$y’s Pilot Talk 2,  (the otherwise preferable Weekend At Burnie’s is more of an evening album), and put some time into cooking quality edibles. It’s a good way to set a foundation for a balanced day, since the process itself is both laid-back and productive.

Here’s what I went with today. Emulate if you see fit. If not, then hopefully you’re like me and enjoy reading about food regardless of intention.

Cook some pasta. Angel hair or spaghetti is best for breakfast use.

When the pasta is cooked and drained, set it aside.

Heat a decent amount of butter or olive oil in a skillet or shallow pan over medium heat.

Obtain some frozen peas, and place them in the pan. No precise measurements, just use whatever seems right. Maybe a tiny bit more. 

When the peas have been sufficiently heated and you begin to sense that the pan has become accustomed to their presence, introduce a bit of whichever high-quality vodka sauce you may happen to have around the house. It should be added gradually, with an emphasis on even distribution. 

Allow the two elements to mingle, stirring as needed, until a common temperature is achieved.

Using an appropriate implement, coax a serving of pasta from its temporary habitat and acquaint it with the sauce and peas. Move the elements around within the pan as needed, making sure to coat each strand with the heated mixture. This step is important, as it is not only the stage at which you will find that you now have “pasta and sauce,” but also the one which allows a subtle caramelization to occur within the dish. 

Find a pasta plate, and determine whether you can use it for your own purposes. Do not take a pasta plate from which someone else has already begun to eat. It should be your own, and it should be made of white china if at all possible.

Taking care not to spill any pasta or sauce along the lip of the plate, place your handiwork in the center. It should be arranged gently, and while a small spherical shape is more desired, do not feel that you need to go out of your way to sculpt or manipulate what you have. That being said, presentation ought to remain an important consideration even when cooking only for oneself.

It is at this point that the meal is ready to be eaten.

Eat it.

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